Top 6 things to do at Changi Airport Singapore

Changi Airport in Singapore is consistently voted as the number one airport in the world, and it is not hard to see why. Not only is the airport huge, it has some of the most advanced technology (i.e. the automated immigration/boarding in T4) and it is also the airport with the most things to do. A long layover here is something that you can even look forward to.

Based my recent layover, here are our recommendations on the top 6 things to do:

1. Watch a movie

There is a 24 hour movie theatre in T3. There is a good mix of children and adults movies. Best of all it is free!

Movie Schedule

Tip #1: From personal experience the cinema can also double as a good sleeping spot!

2. Go on a free guided tour of the city

If you have at least 6 hours until your connecting flight you can do a free 2.5 hour heritage or city sights tour. The heritage tour runs 4 times a day and the city sites tour runs twice a day. You can find out more info about it here. I haven’t personally done this tour, but my mother-in-law has and she loved it.

3. Go swimming

For 17SGD you can enjoy the rooftop pool, jacuzzi, showers and pool lounges in T1. Open 6am to midnight. Note if you are a guest of Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel you can enjoy these facilities for free!

Tip#2: Make sure you pack your swimmers in your carry on.

4. Play free video games

This is a good one for the kids. At the entertainment deck you can play xbox, playstation and arcade games. Open 6am to midnight in T2.

5. Go down a slide

Brag that you have been down the world’s tallest slide in an Airport. Located in T3,  for every $10 spent you can redeem one ride down the slide (max 10 rides per person).

6. Relax

If your prefer to relax there are many places you can sit down, and if you like shut your eyes. You can book into one of the transit hotels (book 6 hour blocks), the lounge, or if you are lucky enough you could score one of the seats in the free rest areas.

Dean Relaxing

Tip #3: Make sure you book the transit hotel prior to arrival as they are very popular.

Tip#4: Only bring carry on luggage or make sure your baggage is checked through to your final destination, as the transit hotels are before immigration.

Tip #5: The free rest areas are very popular. For a less crowded lounge area head to T1 to the Wellness Oasis, go up the stairs and relax on the comfortable chairs.

Alternatively you can sit and enjoy one of the many gardens dispersed throughout the terminals.

We also highly recommend downloading the iChangi app. Not only will this give you 24 hours of free wi-fi, the app gives info on where you can find the above activities and provides sample itineraries based on your layover time.

I have to say my 16 hour layover was better than I expected and I was on the plane in no time at all and I enjoyed all the things to do at Singapore airport.

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