5 most Insta worthy spots in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most interesting places we have been. From the beautiful coastline to quirky themed cafes, there are so many insta worthy spots in Taiwan. Here are our top 5:

1. Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park is the pride and joy of Taiwanese people and we can definitely see why! It looks like we have photoshopped the stunning clear blue water in the pictures, but believe us, it really is that blue! You will want to spend a couple of days here to see all of the sites. Make sure your itinerary includes Qingshui Cliff, Swallow Grotto and Shakadang Trail.

Qingshui Cliff
Swallow Grotto
Shakadang Trail

2. Shifen Old Street

If you love lanterns, then Shifen old street is for you! It is one of the places just outside of Taipei where you can buy a lantern for 200TWD (~$9AUD), write your wishes on it and for that extra bit of excitement let it go while standing on an operating railway line!

Shifen Old Street

3. Quirky Cafes

Taiwan is known for their quirky themed cafes, eg. the Modern Toilet Restaurant (where everything looks like poo), Central Park (TV show Friends) and Oia Oia Art Cafe (Llama cafe) and the list goes on. Basically there is a cafe to suit everyone’s tastes.

In Tai Chung we visited two themed cafes:

  • I’m Talato – a gelato shop that has a giant pool of fake icecreams
  • Grass – looks like a carnival with animals from the merry go round. You can also wear animal face masks.
I’m Talato

4. Rainbow village

Located in Tai Chung, an old man now called “Grandpa Rainbow”, heard the village was going to be destroyed so he started painting the village. Some university students with the help of the Mayor, loved the bright colours and got an order to protect the village. Quickly it became a viral sensation on the Internet and is a very popular tourist attraction today!

Rainbow Village

5. Highest star bucks in the world

Brag to your friends that you have been to the highest and most exclusive Starbucks in the world (it’s reservation only). Get a table by the window to get the best views of Taipei, all for half the cost of the Taipei 101 observation deck ticket. See our blog post for more details on how you can visit.

35/F Starbucks in Taipei 101

We hope this has inspired you to go and visit Taiwan. Not only is it an interesting and beautiful place to photograph, the people are some of the nicest we have met on our travels.

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